Why PM Modi doesn’t do press conferences

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he did not attend the press conference because the media works only in one way. He was replying to the media’s question about why he did not hold press conferences after becoming the Prime Minister.

He replied to the question why he does not hold press conferences or media interviews like he did when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Modi’s response was that the media works only in one way and he is not interested in following that path.

The current methods have changed from the media work of the past. I have to work hard. Homes of poor families should be visited. If he wants, he can attend inaugurations and share pictures of holding press conferences. He doesn’t do it. Narendra Modi said that instead, they are going to small villages in places like Jharkhand and implementing small projects.

He has built a new culture and if it feels right, the media should present it correctly. The Prime Minister said that if it is not, it should not be brought to the people. Gone are the days when media was the only means of communication, now many new media are available to interact with people, he said.