Alappuzha Medical College; The patients seeking treatment will now be required to pay Rupees.30 for the admission book

Alappuzha: The Pinarayi government is ready to blame the severe economic crisis faced by the state on the people’s heads. Admission book for inpatient treatment also has to be paid henceforth. The superintendent issued a circular pointing out that Rs.30 will be charged for the book which was given free.

Earlier, the admission book was available free of cost from the government press. But due to financial crisis, its printing has been stopped for a long time. Hence the book is currently not available in the hospital. It is in this context that the new directive has been issued.

At the same time, the central government has given relief to Kerala, which is facing severe financial crisis. Modi government has given 4000 crore rupees for Kerala. With the arrival of additional allocations, Kerala’s treasury recovered from overdraft.

Apart from Rs 4,000 crore, 2736 crore tax share and IGST share was received from the Centre. With this, the authorities are preparing to pay the salary and pension of the government employees. The distribution of the share by the Modi government comes at a time when allegations are being made that the center is not giving them the rightful share to forget the mismanagement of the state