Ayodhya Ram temple’s roof leakage; Leaking is common in the unfinished building, waterproofing is being done

Acharya Satyendra Das, the head priest of the Ram temple, said that the roof leaked during the first heavy rains since it opened to the public, and water was pouring from the roof of the shrine after the heavy rains. But this has drawn huge criticism on anti-Hindu profiles. Even those who said that they will oppose and demolish the Ram Temple even with their lives, are now worried about the leakage of the Ram Temple. Let’s move on to the latest updates on the Ram temple leak

His latest stance comes even as the chief priest, Acharya Satyendra Das, says water is pouring from its roof. This is a partially completed temple. The temple still needs to rise on the first and second floors. Therefore, the 1st and 2nd floors are not completed. The current construction is incomplete. Not completed. About 80% of the temple construction and temple city are left to be completed. Therefore, it is considered that the current leakage should be seen only as a feature of an unfinished structure.

The temple priest has stated that there is no arrangement to drain the rainwater from the temple premises and has asked the temple authorities to take necessary corrective measures. Sources of the temple trust said that after the incident of water leakage from the roof was reported to the senior officials, the chairman of the temple construction committee, Nripendra Mishra, reached the temple and instructed to repair the roof and make it waterproof.

The temple trust expressed its gratitude to the devotees and people of all religions who shared their concern when the temple leaked. This is proof of how much people respect Sri Ram and Ram Lalla, Trus said. Speaking separately to reporters about the temple construction progress, Mishra said that the work on the first floor is in progress and will be completed by July this year and hopes to complete the construction of the temple by December.

Acharya Satyendra Das told reporters that there was a heavy leak from the roof of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple during Saturday’s midnight rains. He said that rainwater was flowing from the roof above the place where the priest sits in front of the idol of Ram Lalla and where people come for VIP darshan. It is very surprising that engineers from all over the country are building the Ram temple and the temple was inaugurated on January 22. But no one knew that the roof would leak when it rained. The roof of a world is amazing. The famous temple is leaking, why did this happen? He said that such an incident is taking place in the presence of such a large number of engineers, which is very wrong.

Meanwhile, Rampath Road and its adjacent lane became waterlogged due to rain on Saturday night. Ayodhya’s Rampath Road and other newly constructed roads collapsed at some places as the sewage entered houses in the area.

Meanwhile, the Congress has accused the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of corruption in temple construction and civic amenities in the temple city.

“Whether it is the coffin of the martyrs or the temple of God, all these have become opportunities for corruption for the BJP. Even symbols of faith and sanctity in the country are just opportunities for them to loot,” said Uttar Pradesh Congress president Ajay Rai. alleged in a statement on Monday.

He said that it was clear from the statement of the chief priest Satyendra Das that the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram temple built at a cost of crores was leaking during the first rain and there was no proper drainage system.

Not only this, Rai also said that the BJP’s mask, the pioneer of Ayodhya’s development, has come off as the road has collapsed in many places on Rampath, which was built at a cost of Rs 624 crore. He also alleged that the BJP has turned Ayodhya into a center of corruption by doing second-rate construction in a hurry for electoral gains.