Bishop K P Yohannan’s shocking revelations regarding Believer’s Church

Dr. KP Yohannan, the Metropolitan Bishop of Believers Church

K P Yohannan, Bishop of Believer’s Church in Kerala has come up with shocking revelations. He said that he is in USA now and is completely unaware of all the happenings in the Church, to Karma News. Now everything is under the control of Fr Sijo Pandapallil, PRO of Believer’s Church. He also said that the assets of the church including acres of land, bank accounts and many institutions are now managing by Fr Sijo. Fr Yohannan denied the ownership regarding Cheruvally Estate, a rubber and tea plantation spread over 10 kms radius, from plantation group Harisons Malayalam Limited. In July, the Kerala High Court had directed the state government not to acquire the land for the airport by force after KP Yohanan moved the court.

Believers Church has got more than 30 trusts all over Kerala and Yohannan clarified that he is not a member in any of the trusts. He conveyed that he is always righteous and spent not even a single penny for his personnel interest. Fr Sijo hijacked everything under the possession of church and doing illicit business in the name of church. During the raid, around Rs 6.5 crore were seized from a Nissan car owned by a believer Aby Varghese. Aby sold this car to Fr Daniel Varghese in February 2020. The RC book is still in the name of Aby. When Fr Daniel went to UK, he handed over this car to Fr Sijo. Fr Sijo used this car for smuggling gold and counterfeit notes. Only after one day, the IT officials could found out the car as it was kept hidden in an underground tunnel in the car parking area of the hospital owned by the church. During the raid, around Rs 6000 crores was seized. This money was used in real estate, hospital and a fair amount of money is still absconding. IT officials, in their first round investigation found about Rs 300 crore discrepancy and filed a case. In addition to the currency, around 200 forged land documents were also seized. Fr Sijo and other inmates there tried to destroy the pen-drive, mobile phones, keys of the car, but were unsuccessful. Raids were conducted in their Delhi premises also.

Fr Sijo is a native of Kannur in Kerala, which is considered to be a fort of communism in Kerala. He is also a CPM activist and this led to his close connection with the left government in Kerala. He owns house in Kannur worth crores. Sometime back when CPIM General Secretary Shri Kodiyeri Balakrishnan went to the United States for treatment and regarding this, around 70 lakhs has been transferred from Believers church bank account. In the year 2016, the FCRI registration of the church was cancelled after unauthorised transactions. It is also known that the Medical college under the Believers Church was constructed in a field illegally. Fr Sijo fabricated documents regarding this and won the case in the court. Fr Sijo always threatened Bishop Yohannan regarding this land issue and also with the issues related to ladies coming from other states. Now the people who believe in this church have filed complaints against Fr Sijo to investigate his assets, his CPM connection and about every illicit transaction he did in the name of church.