Centre Government Issues Instructions to block 28,200 mobile phones, delete 20 lakh numbers involved in cybercrime

New Delhi: The central government on Friday directed telecom companies to block 28,200 mobile phones involved in cyber crime. The government has also directed to review the validity of 20 lakh mobile connections involved in cyber crimes.

An investigation by the Union Home Ministry and the police has found that 28,200 handsets have been used in cyber crimes. The DOT also found that 20 lakh numbers were used on these handsets. 52 companies have been blacklisted for sending fake and phishing SMS.

The Center launched the ‘Chakshu Portal’ last March. Since then, 348 mobile handsets have been blocked in the country. 10,834 numbers sent for re-examination. The DOT has canceled 1.66 crore mobile connections till April 30 this year.