Congress splits in Madhya Pradesh too,Former Chief Minister and others to BJP

There are reports of the Congress collapsing again at the national level. In Madhya Pradesh,High level leaders came openly against the party leadership and party policy

In Madhya Pradesh, former Chief Minister Kamal Nath and his followers are coming to BJP.. Kamal Nath’s son Nakul Nath has removed Congress from his bio on social media.

Nakulnath’s move has fueled rumors that Nakulnath and his father Kamalnath will defect to the BJP in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier in Maharashtra, the former Chief Minister had left the Congress and joined the VJP. In Bihar, the party was split. Now the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh himself is coming closer to the BJP. In the Hindu states, the Congress is now a shipwreck in the middle of the sea.

Who will save Who will lead the party? 80 The last Congress president could not. Sonia Gandhi is understood to be moving away from electoral politics to focus more on her Italian connections. Rahul Gandhi himself is doing tour model trips without solving the issues facing the party. If he does this type of travel, there will be no one to lead the party.

Madhya Pradesh BJP president VD Sharma said that the Congress leaders are upset with the party’s decisions. Congress leaders are all in a big crisis. Insecure. VD Sharma also said that the leaders are moving away from the party leadership.

After Bihar and Maharashtra, the Congress suffered a heavy blow in Madhya Pradesh and the party’s mainstays are sinking in the sea of ​​Congress in these 3 Hindu states. Earlier this week, many leaders left the party in Madhya Pradesh. Former MLA Dinesh Ahirwar and Congress district president from Vidisha Rakesh Katare joined the BJP on February 12. BJP state president VD Sharma yesterday said the party’s doors were open to other senior Congress leaders who were upset over the rejection of an invitation to the function.
When asked about the speculations of Kamal Nath joining the BJP, the BJP’s response was… We have opened our doors because the Congress is boycotting Sri Rama and there are people in the Congress who believe that there is Rama in India. When the Congress insults him, there are people who are hurt and upset by this and should be given a chance.

“If there is pain in the heart of those whose names you take, they are also welcome,” the BJP state president said while addressing a press conference in Bhopal on Friday.Meanwhile, Nakul Nath, the lone Lok Sabha Congress MP from Madhya Pradesh, declared himself as the Congress candidate from the Chindwara Lok Sabha seat earlier this month.

Nakul Nath, the only Lok Sabha Congress MP from Madhya Pradesh, says that the party has not yet made an official announcement. The Congress has only one MP here. Chindwara is the stronghold of Kamal Nath who has held the seat for nine consecutive terms. In the 2019 elections, Nakul Nath managed to win from Chindwara despite the BJP winning 28 other seats in the state.

Big sharks from Congress are flocking to BJP before the elections. The aim of the Congress is to secure the next 5 years by joining the BJP that will come to power. In Kerala, the names of some Congress leaders are heard, but it is known that a decision will be made before the elections.