Covid-19: Three times more risk of infection from quarantine person at home

Corona infection is most fatal inside the home, as home quarantine corona-positive individuals have a two to three times higher risk of infection from relatives. Full vigilance is also necessary for patients with no symptoms. This study by Chinese and American researchers has proved to be important in preventing new cases of infection from growing.

Researchers investigated the spread of infection among 350 Kovid patients and about 2,000 of their closest people in Guangzhou, China. It found that the rate of contamination of outsiders from a corona positive was a mere 2.4 per cent, while the risk of those living at home increased almost seven times to 17.1 per cent. Researchers also found that the infection occurred most at home from the positive patient to the elderly.

Whereas children under 20 are the youngest. Older people with diabetes, heart disease or other diseases are at the highest risk of disease or death. According to researcher Qin Long Jing of the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control, the countries that initially decided to isolate suspected patients were successful in controlling the infection. In an article published in the Professor at the Yale School of Public Health, Virginia Pitzer stated that the corona spread rapidly in the early stages and that the transition to the world is at a peak with delayed detection.

Two to three times more prevalence than SARS or Mars –
Researchers found that the risk of infection from a patient to a family member is twice as high as that of SARS virus and up to three times that of Mars.

More vigilance than those without symptoms is 
necessary – If a patient of Covid-19 does not have symptoms, then the risk of infection to the family or the family living with it is 39 percent more than the patient with symptoms. That is, the virus easily catches even those people who are not aware that they are living with the infected in the early stages.

Take these precautions –
-Home quarantine has separate room with ventilator for the suspected patient -separate
bathroom, same bathroom, it is necessary to be
sanitized daily -Concern or patient should not be allowed to meet anyone else
-Murriage bed, utensils And should also be kept separate in clothes –
Take the quarantine to the hospital if the condition of the
disease is serious – Keep away from children, elderly, pregnant women or patients of serious diseases
(WHO, Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)