Asteroid four times taller than Qutub Minar, moving towards Earth

Asteroid four times taller than Qutub Minar is moving fast towards Earth. NASA estimates that the ‘2010 NY 65’ asteroid 1017 feet long and 310 meters in diameter will pass close to Earth at 12.15 pm on 24 June. 

moving at a speed of -46 400 kmph 2010 USA 65 ‘ 
expected to undergo a range of -37 million kilometers, NASA
admits -75 million kilometers of coming under threat any speeding celestial bodies Atnriksh scientist

Khamiyaja –
This asteroid, being said to be 15 times larger
, had injured more than 01 thousand people from the ‘Chelyabinsk’ meteorite that fell in Russia in 2013.

What happens is Asteroid –
Small celestial bodies revolving around the Sun are called ‘Asteroids’. They are found mainly in the ‘Asteroid Belt’ between Mars and Jupiter. However, due to their passing through the earth many times, it is possible to suffer significant losses.

Third event in June –
6 June: 570 meters diameter asteroid ‘2002 NN4’ passes close to Earth at a speed of 40140 kmph –
8 June: Asteroid ‘2013 XA22’ 30 million kilometers from Earth at a speed of 24050 kmph Departed from

Giant Size – Burj
Khalifa: 2720 ft –
Shanghai Tower: 2073 ft –
‘2010NY 65 ‘: 1017 ft – 
Statue of Liberty: 310 ft –
Qutb Minar: 240 ft