Covid-19: work is underway on about 120 vaccines of Corona worldwide, 4 in almost the last stage

Adar Poonawalla hopes to launch COVOVAX by June 2021

To defeat the corona virus, about 120 vaccines are underway in the world. But there are four vaccines that are almost in the last stage. One of these is being prepared in America, two in Britain and one in China. Let us know which vaccine is in which stage.

Competition to buy vaccine
More than billion Corona vaccine supplements already bought by countries, 10 billion vaccine will be needed to start vaccination all over the world

US contracts with Astrogenica for $ 1.2 billion for 10 million doses

The University
of Oxford and Oxford University Company are at the forefront of the vaccine race. The world has high expectations from their vaccine AZD 1222, so many countries in Europe are working together on this. So far, it has proved successful in two phases and now it is being trialled on 800 people. 

Scientists at Imperial College London are also working on a vaccine to start testing the British vaccine on humans . Human trials of the vaccine began on Tuesday and small doses were given to a human. The statement issued by the college said that the person taking the vaccine is absolutely healthy.

The billions dose agreement
has not yet been made, but more than five billion doses have been compromised worldwide. AstraZeneca is preparing millions of doses right now so that it can take off in the market as soon as the vaccine is approved. 

Moderna claims: 90% success rate
American company Moderna has reached the final stage of making the vaccine. The company’s CEO Stephen Banksel said the vaccine would have its final human trial in July. They expect to get 80–90 per cent success in this. Banksel said that we are confident that the American Drug Regulatory Authority will allow them to market the vaccine soon. In an interaction with a news channel, he claimed that he had the right genome sequence that could be successful in breaking down antibodies to the virus. 

China Vaccine Approved
for Final Trial Vaccine prepared by China National Biotech Group has received final trial approval. Patients with severe corona symptoms are no longer in China, so the company is going to trial the vaccine in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Scientists hope that their vaccine will be approved after the final test in September or October.