Lockdown Side Effect: More than half of people gained weight

The lockdown has increased the weight of more than half the people. The main reason is due to carelessness in the diet as well as deteriorating the routine. This has been revealed by an opinion poll conducted by British company ‘Weight Watchers’ on more than five thousand British.

More than two-thirds of the participants in the survey reported an increase in addiction to chocolate, chips and bakery products in the lockdown. One-third said that they started drinking colddrinks more than normal days. 46 percent attributed the compulsion to work from home for decreased physical activity and weight gain. More than half of the people admitted that they have been exercising almost since the lockdown was implemented.

Mental health deterioration
– Every fourth participant spoke of a negative image of themselves in the mind during lockdown. More than 50 percent of women reported having complaints of restlessness. One-third said that their nights of sleep had flown due to the feeling of loneliness.

Did not buy clothes for three months – Women are notorious for blowing wild money on the purchase of clothes and accessories. However, during the lockdown, more than 6 million women did not buy a single new dress, whereas they took eight clothes from March to June last year.