Governor reaches Ajeesh and Paul’s homes of wild elephant attack victims.

Mananthavadi: Governor Arif Mohammad Khan, who came to Wayanad, visited the house of Pakat Paul, who died in a wild elephant attack. Earlier, he visited the family members of Ajeesh, who was killed in the attack by Belur Makhna, in Padamala. He met the family members and later received a complaint from the locals.

After visiting Paul’s family, he will visit the homes of Sarath, who was injured in a wild elephant attack, and Wakeri Prajeesh, who was killed in a tiger attack. Meanwhile, businessman Bobby Chemmannur paid Rs 5 lakh to Ajeesh’s family. The house of Wakeri Prajeesh, who was killed in a tiger attack, will also be visited.

He will return to Thiruvananthapuram by air shortly after meeting the religious leaders at Mananthavadi Bishops House. Governor reached Wayanad last night.

As part of his visit to Wayanad, the SFI activists showed black flag to the Governor who came to Kannur yesterday. The incident took place when the plane landed at Mattannur and was diverted to Wayanad. The SFI workers who showed the black flag were taken into custody by the police.