Iran’s Vice President Mohammad Mokhber to Serve as Acting President Following Helicopter Crash Killing President Ibrahim Raisi

Tehran: Vice President Mohammad Mokhbar will take over as Iran’s interim president in the event of the death of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash. In the event of the death of the current president, the first procedure is to transfer the office of president to the first vice president with the approval of the Supreme Leader under Articles 130 and 131 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Supreme Leader has the final say on anything in the country. According to this procedure, Vice President Mohammad Mokhbar will take over as the interim president of Iran. He is also the former head of SETAD, a government-owned foundation. Mokhbar also holds advanced degrees in international law and management.

The council, which includes Mokhbar, Parliamentary Speaker Muhammad Baqar Khalibaf and Judiciary Chief Gollumhussain Mohseni Esheh, has been instructed to elect a new president within the next 50 days. Supreme Leader Khamenei must approve the new president.

Mohammad Mokhbar was born on September 1, 1955. He has extensive experience in the political and economic spheres of Iran. When Raisi became president in 2021, Mohammad Mokhbar took over as the first vice president. In 2010, the European Union placed him on the sanctions list for alleged involvement in nuclear and ballistic missile activities. Mokhbar’s name was removed from the list two years later. According to a Reuters report, Mokhbar was part of a delegation of Iranian officials who visited Moscow last October.