K P Yohannan, Believers Church in Kerala more defensive as ED is in the process of launching a detailed probe

K P Yohannan trying to close the money laundering case by paying fine

K P Yohannan, the possessor of the Believers Church, Kerala, still pertains to silence. K P Yohanann, the Metropolitan Bishop of Believers Church has not yet commented about the Income Tax raid conducted on November 5. Still now, the church officials are also maintaining silence about the crores of money seized and also about the unaccounted money transactions and also regarding the possessions under the church including super speciality hospital, educational institutions, acres of land, channel participation and lot more. Fr Daniel Varghese, the secretary of the Believers Church and nephew of K P Yohannan, has not yet given an explanation regarding the money. Fr Daniel  flew to the UK with his family a few days back. Allegations have also been raised against this church regarding receiving of foreign funds and its transactions in abroad also.

Now, Believers Church followers, under the banner of ‘Believers Eastern Church Save Forum’ raised protests against the group of persons who were managing the finances for the Church. They have raised complaints against those who have totally hijacked the functioning of the Church and been managing things as per their personal interests. ED is now in the process of launching a detailed probe into the Church activities after the IT Department seized large amounts of unaccounted money transactions carried out by different institutions under the control of the Church. Most of the institutions were paper companies. The IT Department conducted raids at various institutions under Believers Church and seized around Rs 6500 crores. There have been fund transfers to a few people associated with political parties in the state and the agencies are collecting more details about it. Currently the probe is focused on four to five people who are at the helm of the Church’s day to day functioning. Bank accounts in the name of Church, K P Yohannan and his relatives has been freezed upon the request of the IT and ED Departments.