Kanthalloor Swami alias Sunil Parameswaran : a big fraud

Kanthalloor Swamy alias Sunil Parameswaran

Kanthalloor Swami alias Sunil Parameswaran in Kerala, the man who despised divine idol – new revelations  by Acharya Vyasa Chaitanya Swami, a Hindu religious teacher and Tantric leader. Acharya Vyasa Chaitanya Swami lashed Kanthaloor Swamy as a murderer, a rapist and above all a person who has despised the divine idol.

According to Acharya Vyasa Chaitanya Swami,”Kanthalloor Swami alias Sunil Parameswaran has pasted chili paste on the divine idol which is against the Hindu Sanatana Dharma system. When a person is placing an idol in a sacred place, an environment is also created there. The name of the idol, the name by which the idol should be  known, the offerings regarding the worship of that idol, all these things should be done by the Guru who is placing the idol. All these things were not done by Kanthalloor Swami, instead he pasted chilli paste on the idol”. Acharya Vyasa Chaitanya Swami also alleged that Kanthallor Swami is hysterical and arrogant as he has pasted chilli paste on the idol claiming that the idol is in his own place and can do anything he wants. The idol was made at a place called Poondi and the sculptor said that the idol was to be erected.

Acharya Vyasa Chaitanya Swami

Acharya Vyasa Chaitanya Swami also told that Kanthallor Swami has adopted a girl since her childhood. After raising her for 17 years, Swami has raped that girl saying that he had bought up that girl and has full right to do so. Swami is getting help from his spy network for all these things.  Chaitanya Swami said that he called Kanthalloor Swami to say that this is wrong, but Kanthallor Swami has blocked Chaitanya Swami’s number. Chaitanya Swami has done a live video highlighting all these issues, but none of the spiritual teachers said a word against this.

According to Chaitanya Swami, “A ‘Guru’ must be honest. Kanthalloor Swami does not know anything about the deity at all. He did not know how to place an idol, yet he is mocking everyone. He has done ‘Amavasi Pooja’ without knowing anything”. Chaitanya Swami also alleged that Kanthalloor Swamy is a murderer who has murdered his son. Nobody knows from where Sunil Prameswaran got his monasticism and changed as Kanthalloor Swami. Kanthalloor Swami alias Sunil Prameswaran is depicting his own character ‘Digambara’ from the film Ananthabhadram, which he has penned and only an abnormal person like him can create such a horrifying character.