Karma News Exclusive: Young Lawyer Shares Disturbing Story of Misbehavior 

Kollam: Lady Lawyer alleges senior advocate and CPM leader E. Shanavas khan tried to humiliation, shares experience through Karma News. On the 14th, the young lady and her colleague went to Shanavas office regarding the notary attestation. Returned with information. When the woman was about to go home after office hours, Shanavas Khan called her home to inform her about the attestation.

After entering the house and seeking information, Shanasas forced the lawyer to see the house. While viewing the house, he tried to get close to the lawyer and would kiss her. After that, the lawyer came down from there. Then she told the information to her friend.

She told the senior lawyer what happened after that. The very next day he sought this information from Shanawaz Khan. Later, Shanavas called the lawyer on the phone and apologized. But the lawyer took the stand that the matter could not be settled by saying sorry privately. Such complaints had been raised against him before, but Shanavas used his authority to suppress everything.