The suspension of actor Suraj Venjaramoodu’s driving license is currently on hold.

The Motor Vehicle Department has granted a few more days to actor Suraj Venjaramood who did not respond to the show cause notice three times.

The decision was made considering the busyness of being a movie star. The Ernakulam RT office extended the time to inform Suraj if there is any reason not to suspend his driving license. In the meantime, the Transport Commissionerate has issued a directive not to suspend anyone’s driving license after checking only the FIR of the police.

The RTO has directed the Joint RTO offices to scrutinize the FIR in detail and take a decision only after further investigation. It is suggested that the new proposal comes after the news that Suraj Venjaramood’s license will be suspended. The motor vehicle department has taken action against Suraj in the incident where a motorcyclist was injured after being hit by a speeding car at night.