SFI activists attacked Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan’s car,14 arrested

Thrissur: members of the SFI staged a black flag protest against Governor Arif Muhammed Khan. The Governor was in the area to inaugurate a program as part of the Navathi celebration organized by historical writer Velayudhan Panickassery.

The SFI members attempted to attack the Governor, who had previously faced a similar situation in Palakkad where SFI members had assaulted him. During this latest incident, the police intervened and arrested 14 individuals, including women leaders, involved in the protest.

This marks the second consecutive day of protests against Governor, with the previous day’s incident occurring in Kanchikode. SFI members had displayed black flags during the Governor’s visit to attend a private function. Police took swift action, arresting those responsible and preventing any harm to the Governor.

Simultaneously, a clash unfolded between BJP workers and SFI members, resulting in physical altercations and injuries to SFI activists. This incident follows a pattern of confrontations, as 25 SFI members were arrested the day before for protesting and displaying black flags during the Governor’s visit to Velappaya Road for a Health University graduation ceremony.

Amidst the chaos, SFI activists alleged mistreatment by the police, claiming that protesters were subjected to violence targeting their faces and eyes. The situation remains tense as these incidents reflect the ongoing tensions between political groups in the region.