‘Mobile Seva Appstore’- India’s first indigenously developed App Store

India has developed its first indigenously developed App Store called “Mobile Seva Appstore”. The app store hosts some 965 live apps of several domains and categories of public services. This Indian App Store will be available for free of cost in the initial phases.

It is an innovative initiative which has been launched by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). It is implemented by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC). It seeks to enable all the central, state and local government departments and agencies to deliver their services using the channels of mobile like SMS, USSD, IVRS, Mobile Applications and AppStore. It is a centrally hosted cloud based mobile platform which allows to offer services through mobile devices across India. The App Store has been created to provide a hosting platform for the Indian mobile application developers. It will be based upon service-oriented architecture and cloud-based technologies. The Central, State and UT Ministries and Departments are already part of this indigenously developed App Store.

On the platform, the government Department or the private Developers can host their mobile application for the delivery of the government and other public services related to health, education, agriculture, online payments, financial, electoral services, social welfare, transport, food and energy.