Mobile shop robbery case Bank Sales Manager arrested

Kumali: A private bank manager who stole iPhones from a mobile shop was arrested. Deepak Manoharan (34), a native of Tiruchirappalli, was arrested. The theft was committed on the 7th of this month when he was visiting Thekkady with his friends.

A team of officials from Tamil Nadu arrived at Image Mobile Gallery at Thekkady intersection around 7:30 pm as per Deepak’s wish to buy a phone for him on their way back. By this time the shopkeeper Jibin had gone out. Deepak returned without buying the phone except asking for the phone prices etc. When the shopkeeper Jibin came back and tried to recharge, the 2 iPhones worth Rs 1,60,000 kept in the shop were missing.

Just then, when he called from the phone of a friend in a nearby shop, there was a ring. But there was no result. After several attempts, the call was disconnected. Suspicious, when the CCTV was checked, the gentleman thief was seen stealing the phone. U
Ton himself went to Kumali police station and lodged a complaint. Information was also shared through social media. The police immediately checked the location of the mobile phone, but the thief had safely crossed the state border.

Further investigation yielded footage of the vehicle he was traveling in. Later the investigation was related to the vehicle. After realizing that the vehicle belonged to a native of Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, the investigation was focused on Tiruchirappalli. Then the police arrested him from his house in Tiruchirappalli.