No more non-AC sleeper coaches on trains traveling at speeds above 130 km/h

As part of the train upgrade, non-AC sleeper coaches will be eliminated from trains traveling at speeds exceeding 130 km per hour. Instead, the whole train will be AC ​​coaches. The Ministry of Railways has said that this will change in the near future. All non-AC coaches will be converted to AC coaches. Railway Ministry spokesperson DJ Narain said the ticket price would be affordable.This happened for the first time in the history of Indian Railways

He said AC coaches are mandatory on trains running at speeds of more than 130 kmph. Necessary changes will be made in the tracks as well. Non-AC coaches will now be available only on trains running at speeds of less than 110 kilometers per hour. He said there would be only a small increase in AC coaches, which is affordable for passengers.Indian Railways

Construction of the proposed AC coaches has started at Kapurthala Coach Factory. Construction will be completed within weeks. The plan is to build 100 coaches this year and 200 next year. The current 72-berth sleeper coach will be replaced by an 83-berth AC coach. But the number of berths in a pile will remain the same.