No salary for 6 months, Thiruvananthapuram chiefs embarrassed by ISRO

Modi shamed by ISRO Thiruvananthapuram chiefs. Karma News shares with the public the astonishing information that the employees and workers of ISRO under the Central Government have been paid for 6 months. This is the plight of the Indian Institute of Space Science Technology at Valiyamalai, Thiruvananthapuram, where the future scientists of the country’s proudest ISRO are being briefed. This is being done by the people who run this institution in Kerala as an insult to the Central Government.

Employees and workers have not been paid since March. There are about 400 of them. Their family is starving‌. All are contract employees. Moreover, despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s order for equal pay for all, this has not been implemented at the ISRO center in Thiruvananthapuram. Contract Temporary employees are paid a minimum wage of Rs. 10500 / -. Permanent employees doing the same job with them are paid a basic salary starting at Rs 40,000. For those doing the same job – the difference is Rs 30,000. That too in a central government institution. It is not right to value the decision of the Prime Minister and exploit the employees.

We know that ISRO Chairman Dr. K. Shivan is a world-famous scientist. He is not even aware of this exploitation. The tears and mourning of these employees do not reach the administrative headquarters in Bangalore and Delhi. ISRO Chairperson Dr. K Sivan, who is a gentleman, humane and patriotic, should intervene in the matter of these employees. There are 400 families without food for 6 months due to severe hunger. The decision should also be taken on the complaint that the temporary car is misappropriated cash.

Another important point is that the employees have big complaints against ISRO Deputy Registrar S. Ramanathan in Thiruvananthapuram. Employees told Karma News that they would be harassed if they complained that they were not paid. If asked for a salary, he will be threatened as a terrorist. In an institution like ISRO, if you receive a complaint of a disciplinary violation or a terrorist, you will not only get a job but also a prison sentence. This is the weapon used by the Deputy Registrar. Employees complained to the Labor Office. But the ISRO Thiruvananthapuram chiefs do not go after being summoned by the Labor officer. ISRO is running the largest space technology college in Asia in Thiruvananthapuram. This college was the dream of the late Abdul Kalam.


It is a shame for the Central Government and the ISRO department that this is the situation for those who work there. It is the arrogance of the employer to say that even during the Onam season of the Malayalees, they do not pay for work. Strict action should be taken against the heads of institutions that tarnish the image of the ISR and the Central Government. Another notable thing is the struggle against the oppression of workers and the BMS as Narendra Modi’s own trade union. Hence the seriousness of the matter.

The heads of the institutions should be punished by taking statements from the employees. The Prime Minister and ISRO Chairperson Dr. K Sivan should intervene in this matter as soon as possible.