Theaters opened in UAE following Covid protocol, Know these things before going to see the movie!

Theaters opened in UAE following Covid protocol
Theaters opened in UAE following Covid protocol

Theaters, which had been closed for months following the expansion of Kovid 19, are now open in the UAE. Cinema halls are open with strict restrictions. Guidelines have been issued for this. Theaters must operate in a way that maintains social distance and avoids the possibility of contact.

UAE Theatres
UAE Theatres

On August 17, the Abu Dhabi Economic Development Authority approved the opening of theaters in shopping malls.

These are the precautionary measures

  • Only 30% of the total seats can be used.
  • Social space should be maintained at the front, back and sides of the seats. Do not seat people in adjacent seats unless they are from the same family.‌
  • Used seats should be disinfected at the end of each display. Performance breaks should be at least 20 minutes. The whole theater should be disinfected every day.
  • Do not use tickets or pamphlets. Touch screens should be removed.

Dubai movie theaters admitted that only half of the seats in the audience. Know the guidelines issued by the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

UAE Theatres Opening
UAE Theatres Opening
  • No continuous display. 20-30 minutes after each show should be set aside for cleaning.
  • Reservation and online ticketing system should be promoted. Barcodes must be scanned and entered to avoid contact.
  • Ensure that social distance is maintained at ticket counters.
  • Touch screens for selling tickets or showing videos should be removed.
  • Do not distribute tickets or pamphlets related to the movie.
  • Food and drinks should be allowed inside the theater.
  • Food should be served in disposable containers within theaters.
  • Restaurants and cafes must take the necessary precautions.
  • Do not provide blankets or blankets in high-rise seats in cinema halls.

The theaters were reopened on June 22 with guidelines issued by the Sharjah Economic Development Department. Admission will be allowed in only 50 percent of the seats.

  • Cinema halls and public places should be disinfected every day.
  • Two seats should be left between the audience.
  • Distribution of film promotion notices should be avoided.
  • Hand sanitizers should be available.

Theaters in Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah have followed similar guidelines.