Only BIS-certified helmets to be made, sold in India for two-wheelers

Two-wheeler owners in India will wear only BIS-certified helmets from June 1, 2021

The Centre said two-wheeler owners in India will wear only Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)-certified helmets from June 1, 2021.

According to a statement provided by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the development would help avoiding sale of low-quality two-wheeler helmets in the country. This, in turn, would help avoid fatal injuries in case of road accidents, it said. Following the directions of the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety, a committee was formulated to consider lighter helmets in India suiting the country’s climatic conditions and that for ensuring compliance among citizen to wear the helmets. The committee had experts from different fields, including expert doctors from AIIMS and also from BIS. The committee in March 2018, after detailed analysis in its report, recommended lighter helmets in the country, and the ministry accepted the report.

The lighter helmets which will be manufactured and sold in India will have to abide by the updated specifications mentioned by the BIS. The Government believes with numerous players in the market, the competition will help the manufacturer develop a good quality and lighter helmets that will benefit the two-wheeler riders. The total number of two-wheelers being manufactured in India annually stands at about 1.7 crore. The Indian Government’s latest measure on the manufacture and sale of BIS helmets has also been welcomed by The International Road Federation.