Opposition leader’s house attacked in Thiruvananthapuram

When protests against Thiruvananthapuram Mayor Arya Rajendra were going on, the house of a BJP leader in the city capital was attacked. The house of BJP leader and city council parliamentary deputy leader Ajit Karamana was attacked. Tube lights were thrown towards the house and the door.

There was an attack on the house and the door step. An atmosphere of terror was created. Ajit Karamana, who has raised his voice against the mayor’s corruption in the city council, has also criticized the mayor in recent days.

The attack took place this morning. Tube lights were smashed on the gate and lined up on the doorsteps. The aim of the attackers was to create an atmosphere of terror and to scare them. Nearby CCTV footage is available. Enemies may arise as many scandals have been brought out. But a thorough investigation is needed into the incident. The police had come. The Assistant Commissioner was also called. Ajith Karamana also said that those behind the incident should be brought out.