Parabrahma Ayurvedic Centre got Singapore Licence

Parabrahma Ayurvedic research centre got licence from Singapore Government

Parabrahma Ayurvedic reserch centre received another achievement. Parabrahma Ayurvedic research centre got recognition from the Singapore Government for their products and treatment. Licence is also provided by the Singapore government to start treatment centres in Singapore.

All the products formulated by Parabrahma, including Diabetic Cure are available in Singapore from now onwards. In Singapore, Parabrahma is functioning in collaboration with a Chinese company. Parabrahma has got licences from countries like UAE, Qatar and Oman already. The distribution of Diabetic Cure now is for 10000 people per month and the product is distributed from the production units in Kerala, Goa and Karnataka. The course of medication is 6 months. The Ayurveda centre claims that the medicine will revive the production of insulin in the pancreas and there will be no need to use any kind of medicines after the usage of diabetic cure in the whole lifetime. If the disease persists, the company is offering cash back guarantee also. The medicine diabetic cure started distributing in the month of december last year which has now been used by around 30000 people. The centre claims that it is possible to stop or minimise the allopathy medicines intaking by the patients since the starting of taking diabetic cure.

Parabrahma is conducting a ‘covid world challenge’ along with the Dubai government. In this challenge, the Dubai government will provide 100 covid positive patients to the centre. They will be taken care of by the team from parabrahma without using masks, sanitizer and other safety measures. Immunity booster will be given to these patients as directed. Within 24 to 48 hours, they should turn negative. The challenge put forward by Dubai government has been accepted by Parabrahma center and the centre is also willing to take up any challenge given by the India government too. In another development, a person who is a driver in Kerala, who was suffering from Herpes Simplex Virus (hsv 1 and 2), got cured by using the medicines formulated by Parabrahma. This is one of the deadliest diseases than aids and even the medical field is terrified of this disease.