Pathanamthitta accident: Anuja’s father, K Raveendran, has filed a complaint with the police.

The father of the deceased teacher, Anuja wants a thorough investigation as he suspects that the accident was deliberately created to kill his daughter in the incident where two people were killed by driving a car into a truck in Adoor. Father Ravindran lodged a complaint with the Nooranad police asking for this. Hashim threatened Anuja and forcibly took her from Kulakada in a car. According to the complaint, the daughter was killed by driving the car in front of the truck at excessive speed.

Hashim threatened Anuja and took her in the car. The complaint also states that the daughter was killed by driving the car in front of the lorry at excessive speed. As the case was registered at Adoor station, Nooranad police handed over Ravindran’s case to Adoor police.

Phone calls of Anuja and Hashim are being investigated in the case. The police are also checking their bank accounts to find out whether any financial transactions have taken place between them. Meanwhile, the lorry driver was dropped from the case after the Motor Vehicle Department reported that the car had rammed into the lorry intentionally. When the case was first registered, he was charged with involuntary manslaughter.