Self-employment in villages will increase if agriculture and farmers progress in the form of industry – Prime Minister Modi

Prime Minister Modi has said that if farmers are turned into entrepreneurs, they can become self-sufficient in agriculture. When Prime Minister Modi spoke at the inauguration of the new Rani Lakshmi Bai Central Agricultural University building in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India’s goal was to achieve self-sufficiency in agriculture. The total economic autonomy of the village should be ensured.

To transform the farmer into an entrepreneur. This will make agriculture self-sufficient. As agriculture progresses in the form of the industry for farmers, self-employment in villages will increase.

When thinking about self-sufficiency in agriculture, it should not only be self-sufficient in food grains but should also include the self-sufficiency of the entire economy of the village. India has successfully tackled the locust problem using technologies including drones. In the Bundelkhand region, the Prime Minister said the central government has implemented various schemes to make water available in drought-affected areas.