Snake bite incident on train: young man bitten by non-venomous snake

Etumanur: Karthik, a native of Chinnakovilakamkulam, who was being treated at the Kottayam-Medical College, was discharged from the hospital after a passenger was bitten by a snake during the train journey. It is concluded that the young man was bitten by a non-venomous snake. Following this, the young man left the hospital.

Karthik was bitten by a snake on the Guruvayur-Madura Express between Piravam Road-Etumanur stations at 10 am on Monday. Then the youth was dropped at Etumanoor railway station and admitted to Kottayam Medical College Hospital.

After inspecting the train that reached Kottayam railway station, the coach was closed and the passengers were removed from the coach. After this, the trail service continued.