The girl from Hathras is not dead; Yogi government killed her: Sonia Gandhi with harsh criticism

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Monday lashed out at the Yogi government over the killing of a Dalit girl in a gang-rape in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. Sonia Gandhi was speaking through a video posted on Twitter. Sonia alleged that the girl from Hathras was not dead and was killed by the government. The girl, who was brutally assaulted, was not guaranteed timely treatment.

Sonia said that Nirbhaya in Hathras was not dead but was killed by the negligence of the government and the government system. When the girl was alive she did not hear what she had to say. She was not protected. She was denied her home after she died. She was not handed over to the family.

Sonia said the mother, who lost her daughter, was not given a last chance to say goodbye to her daughter and that it was a great sin. Sonia also criticized the police for burying the girl’s body. Sonia said she was humiliated by being treated as an orphan.