The Painkuni festival at Sripadmanabhaswamy temple will be held tomorrow

Thiruvananthapuram: Pallivetta in connection with Painkuni festival of Sripadmanabhaswamy temple will be held tomorrow. The festival will conclude with an Aarat at Shankhummugam on Sunday evening. Tonight at 8.30 pm Ekadashi along with Shribali will be held.

The Vetta Purappad reaches the hunting ground in front of the Sundara Vilasam Palace in silence without using any musical instruments. Hunting with charcoal archery. After this, the idols will be carried to the temple through the northern path. Then at one time in the mandapam, Padmanabhaswamy idol will be placed and sprouting new grains will be performed around the sprouting pooja.

This year’s Painkuni festival concludes with Aarat on the 21st. After worshiping the lamp at the shrine, the Aarat procession will begin with the lifting of Sri Padmanabhaswamy, Narasimhamurthy and Thiruvampadi Krishna on Garudavahanas.

Six idols from different temples of the city will come to the West Nata to participate in the Aarat procession. After returning to the temple at Ezhunnallat night, the flag will be hoisted for the festival.