The Taliban have announced their support for Trump in the election

The Taliban has said it would benefit from the re-election of Donald Trump as US president. The Taliban spoke in support of Republican candidate Donald Trump in the US election, he told CBS News. Taliban spokesman Sabihullah Mujahid was interviewed. “If Trump is re-elected as US president, we hope to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan,” said Sabihullah Mujahid. Meanwhile, the Taliban came out in support of Trump after Trump announced that he would withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan by next Christmas.

The Taliban has also expressed concern over the US presidential election in the context of COVID. Another senior Taliban leader told CBS News that Trump was alarmed when he heard the news that COVID was positive.

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s support for Donald Trump has dealt a major blow to the Trump camp. Trump’s spokesman said they did not need the Taliban’s support. Trump spokesman Tim Murto told CBS that the Taliban must remember that the US president will protect American interests at all costs.