Total Solar eclipse 2024 is over

The longest solar eclipse in half a century has ended. The eclipse started at 9:12 pm Indian time and lasted till 2:30 am. The eclipse was visible in North American countries. The rare phenomenon has been witnessed by several people from countries including the US, Canada and Mexico.

Thousands enjoyed a rare celestial spectacle from Earth when the moon’s shadow covered the sun for five minutes. The moon completely covered the sun for about four and a half minutes, the BBC reported. People flocked to countries including Canada, Mexico and Texas to witness the rare celestial spectacle. The phenomenon was seen off the Pacific coast of Mexico around 2pm local time.

People in countries including India watched the eclipse through live streaming by NASA. Live streaming of McDonald Observatory in Texas was also available online. A total eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. The sky will be dark like dusk.