Unni Mukundan says, “Jai Shriram is not a political slogan; I cannot accept saying temples should not be visited ; I have a soft corner for Modi

Unni Mukundan is a favorite actor of Malayalam. Jai Ganesh is the new film of the star. After the huge success of Malikappuram, the actor faced cyber attacks. Commenting on current affairs, Unni Mukundan openly says that he has a ‘soft corner’ for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and is inspired by Modi’s growth from Chief Minister to Prime Minister.

‘BJP is now showing a presence in Kerala as a party. Surely they will come forward. Change will come in the future. It is decided by the people of Kerala. I have not gone to march for any political party. No political statement was made. Still heard criticism. But I don’t pay attention to anything.

Amma said for the first time that she didn’t want a movie when there were so many problems. My mother felt that it would have been enough to force her to go to the police or the army. But I held strong because I knew I was innocent. My biggest confidence is that the audience watching my film in Kerala has recognized me.

That’s why I was able to survive as an actor despite all these problems. I realized that no matter what happens, no matter who comes to harm, if you make good films, the audience will come to see them. I didn’t even have anyone to give me advice. Still, he managed to stay in the Malayalam film industry for 12 years. Politics and religion are different. The movie is different. I respect Christianity and Islam. But in my country it is not acceptable to say that Jai Shri Ram should not be said and temple should not be visited. Jai Shri Ram may be a political slogan for you, but not for me’