35 Congress workers joined the BJP near ex-CM Karunakaran’s final resting place

Thirty five Congress workers joined the BJP at the house of Congress leader K Karunakaran. These 35 people were inducted by Padmaja Venugopal on the stage adjacent to Karunakaran’s Smriti Mandapam at Murali Mandir. Such a great ceremony was held on the anniversary of her departed mother.

Thrissur Constituency Youth Congress Vice President Manu Pallath, Ayanthol Block Congress Vice President Radhakrishnan. Thirty five people joined the BJP yesterday. Padmaja said that people who have lost their minds are coming now and after the election, more leaders will join the BJP. She added that she is also doing it for her father.

Also in Thrissur Congress candidate K. Muralidharan by BJP. Padmaja Venugopal says candidate Suresh Gopi will be defeated. She was speaking after distributing membership to the Congress and Youth Congress workers who joined the BJP at a function held at Poonkunnam Murali Mandir. Women voters are more excited about Suresh Gopi’s candidature. Padmaja Venugopal added that more people will join BJP from Congress.

After the election, there will be a flow from Congress to BJP. Those who defeated him are now with Muralidharan. I said that there is fraud here. Everyone who harmed me has captured Muralidharan without letting go. Padmaja Venugopal said that there is no hope that Muralidharan will win. Padmaja also said that Suresh Gopi will win in Thrissur. Padmaja said that Pratapan did not change for Muralidharan in Thrissur, but that Pratapan has been working for a year targeting the assembly.

Minorities are moving closer to BJP. He added that there is love jihad in Kerala. It is good to showcase the Kerala story. Padmaja Venugopal said that a message should be given to the children and an inquiry should be made regarding Love Jihad.

Including padmaja and 20 members of constituency office bearers of Congress and Youth Congress in Thrissur are joined Bjp . BJP provided membership . State Vice President B. Gopalakrishna, District President K.K. Anish Kumar, State Secretary A. The function was attended by Nagesh. Police had made security arrangements in front of the Murali Mandir in view of the possibility of Congress protests. After the ceremony, those who left the Congress joined Padmaja and the BJP. Karunakaran reached the Smriti Mandapam and prayed in the presence of the leaders.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Padmaja Venugopal said that there is love jihad in Kerala. It is good to screen the Kerala story movie in the state. Padmaja said that there is a need to convey a message to the children.

‘Love Jihad is in Kerala. There is nothing so much as saying that there is. One or two of my friend’s children have come to us crying because of this. ‘Today’s generation has to learn a lot. It’s not a matter of whether or not, when a news like this spreads, it’s good to give a message like this to children. That way they will know what is wrong and what is right.’ Padmaja Venugopal said.

Padmaja was responding to a question regarding the screening of the controversial film The Kerala Story. Padmaja’s response to the decision of Idukki and Thamarassery Diocese to screen the Kerala story is an example of many in the Christian community moving closer to the BJP.