Actresses and models are arrested for allegedly consuming drugs at rave party

Bengaluru: Rave party was busted at the GR Farmhouse near Bengaluru Electronic City, and MDMA and cocaine were seized from the venue. Telugu actresses were among those who participated in the party and are now in custody, according to indications.

More than 100 people from Andhra Pradesh and Bengaluru participated in the party. The party was attended by actresses, models, television stars, DJs and techies. DJs like ‘Bloody Mascara’, ‘Rabs’ and ‘Kayvi’ led the music program at the party.

CCB is aware that the rave party continues beyond the permitted time. The team reached the spot. The police were also accompanied by sniffer dogs to detect drugs. MDMA and cocaine were seized during the inspection at the farmhouse. More than 15 luxury cars were also there. The passport of MLA from Andhra was also recovered from one of the cars.A passport in the name of Kakani Govardhana Reddy was recovered from the car. where the rave party took place, is owned by Gopala Reddy, owner of Bangalore-based real estate group ‘Concody’.