Amritha Hospital in Kochi: The cockroach was removed from the lung of a person who sought treatment for severe breathing problems

A 55-year-old man who came with severe breathing problems was found to have a cockroach in his lungs. The incident took place at Amrita Hospital in Kochi. It is reported that the firecracker that the doctors removed from his lung was about four centimeters long. The medical team led by Dr. Tinku Joseph, Head of Interventional Pulmonology Department, removed the cockroach from the 55-year-old’s left lung. The 55-year-old felt that something had entered his trachea and subsequently had severe shortness of breath. This is why expert treatment is sought

A patient with respiratory distress had a neck puncture tube inserted for oxygenation. Experts say that the cockroach may have reached the lungs through this. The patient felt as if something had entered his trachea. Then the shortness of breath worsened. An X-ray was taken but nothing abnormal was found. Later, the ENT department performed a bronchoscopy and found a cockroach in the lungs. Then the medical team of the interventional pulmonology department examined the patient and removed the cockroach within hours.

The doctors said that the 55-year-old has now left the hospital. Health experts say that the cause of such an incident may have been the forgetting to close the breathing tube. By this time, the cockroach was in a state where it was starting to crumble.

Dr. Tinku Josephvi, Head of Interventional Pulmonology Department at Kochi Amrita Hospital
said . Health experts are observing that such an incident may have been caused by forgetting to close the breathing tube. A 55-year-old man left the hospital