BJP Spokesperson Sandeep Vachaspati Corrects Union Minister Suresh Gopi’s Stance on Indira Gandhi

A correction from the party to Union Minister Suresh Gopi. Now BJP spokesperson Sandeep Vachaspati is strongly correcting Suresh Gopi’s statement about Indira Gandhi. While Suresh Gopi is the Union Minister, Sandeep Vachaspati is the party’s official spokesperson. That is why Sandeep Vachaspati is not only a strong man in the party but also a person who started with BJP and grew up through BJP and continues with BJP.

Here is BJP’s stand on Indira Gandhi. The party spokesperson says that Indira is not the mother of India but can be called Bharat devil . For those who have read the Emergency but do not know, Indira means India. She is a woman of steel. is mother And so many. But the party is giving a strong correction to Suresh Gopi without mentioning him by name and saying that Indira is not like that to those who experienced the emergency and saw the destruction of Indian democracy.

Bharat Yakshi? Bharata Pootana? What should we describe this human beast called Indira Gandhi? It has been 49 years since Indira perpetrated the biggest massacre that independent India has seen on her own people. Do those who shout fascism fascism against Modi know what real fascism is in India? The fight against fascism is not about putting on a show by holding up the constitution. The people in power today are those who gave their lives and defeated the only fascist action the country has ever seen.

For those who have read Emergency but don’t know, Indira means India. She is a woman of steel. is mother And so many. But for those who want the most beautiful system of government to exist, democracy, and those who realize that the happiness we are experiencing today is the misery passed by our ancestors, they will never be able to accept a female Hitler named Indira. The name Indira can only be remembered as another name of blood, tears, helpless wails, bloodless cruelty. The very thought of the opposite is a challenge to the helpless born victims, to the brave warriors who have resisted. Lack of historical awareness.

It is not possible to remember every June 25th without introspection. All that the new generation can do now is to refresh the memory of bloodless atrocities. It is to keep those who are responsible for it, those who glorify them, from the general society at every moment. That is the only consolation that can be given to those helpless births who are victims. I will also be present at the memory renewal organized by the emergency victims and the democracy protection platform. All human lovers are invited to the seminar held at BTH Hall, Ernakulam.

Sandeep Vachaspati’s note goes like this

Now let’s look at the controversy again. Suresh Gopi first said this… Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is the mother and lamppost of India. Likewise, leader K. Karunakaran is the father of Congress in Kerala. He is a brave ruler. There is no politics in visiting the Murali Mandir. Kalyanikuttyamma is the mother he got before Sarada teacher. Karunakaran’s influence has been good for Kerala. O Rajagopal came close to it. Karunakaran is admired as a brave ruler.

Later, Suresh Gopi corrected his statement and said that his remark about former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was misinterpreted by Union Minister Suresh Gopi. Indira Gandhi is not said to be the mother of the nation. She was said to be the mother of Congress. He said that there was no mistake in the application. I said that K Karunakaran is the father of Congress in Kerala. That’s what I said whether anyone likes it or not. When we say India, we mean mother.