Congress anti-national party Rahul won with the help of the Muslim League; Anil Antony

Pathanamthitta BJP candidate Anil Antony says Congress is an anti-national party. Antony is trying to whitewash Pakistan. It is a thousand percent guarantee that BJP will win more than 370 seats. A disastrous result awaits the Congress. Congress has no influence in Wayanad. Anil Antony pointed out that Rahul won in Wayanad only with the help of Muslim League. Anil Antony also accused the Congressmen of not going to the Prana Pratishta in Ayodhya.

Anil Antony said that only the extremists of the Muslim community are opposing the CAA and accused the Congress of trying to appease the minorities. Some go to the same attitude as Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Muslim League is a party that works only for one community. Anil Antony accused the Muslim League of being a democratic party but not a secular party. Anil Antony also pointed out that SDPI is a dangerous party.

I have known PJ Kurien since childhood. Anil Antony also stated that he cannot accept PJ Kurian’s remark that he will cheat the BJP. He went to BJP on the subject of a BBC documentary. Anil Antony also accused Rahul Gandhi of going around the world and insulting India.