Covid-19: virus remains alive on surface for 5 days, study reveals

Virus remains alive on surface for 5 days
Virus remains alive on surface for 5 days

The corona virus is also increasing the scope of infection over time. According to a London College University study, the virus can survive on a surface for five days and spread to a large area within ten hours. In this study, infection was left on the bed railing of Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK and when it was thoroughly investigated ten hours later, it has spread to every corner of the ward.

The virus was found in 50 percent of the samples taken in the hospital. Researchers used the Kovid-19 virus from a patient’s breath during the experiment and a virus that artificially infected plants, which could not infect humans. After mixing the two in a drop of water and left it on the railing.

Thereafter, hundreds of samples were taken from 44 locations of the ward in five days. Early samples from ten hours later revealed that the virus had spread from bed railings, door hands, chairs, waiting rooms to children’s toys and books. When samples were taken again after three days, it was found that the infection has spread from 41% to 59% area.

The virus spread to the hospital through hospital staff, patients and visitors. By the third day of research, 86 percent of the samples had infection. Decrease in infection was seen only after the fifth day.

Virus remains alive on surface for 5 days

Negligence in cleanliness

Leads to heavy research Dr. Leena Sirik, the leading author of the research said that our investigation shows how fast a surface works in the spread of virus and how much negligence in cleanliness is overshadowed. This shows that coughing, sneezing, or breathing are not the only danger, even a drop of the virus can touch the eyes, nose and mouth after the surface can become a big danger. The research was published in the Journal of Hospital Infection.