Do not expect the first Covid vaccine until early 2021; WHO experts

Adar Poonawalla hopes to launch COVOVAX by June 2021

Experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) say the COVID 19 vaccine trial is progressing well but should not be expected to be available before 2021. They also said that the vaccine was being tested at a critical stage.

Covid Test
Covid Test

Mike Ryan, head of the World Health Organization’s emergency program, said the WHO’s goal is to make the vaccine available equally without discrimination. Mike Ryan explained that most vaccines are in the third stage of testing and have not failed at any stage so far.APTOPIX Virus Outbreak Vaccine

At the same time, Mike Ryan reminded us that the main concern is to prevent the spread of Kovid and that the daily rate of expansion is reaching a record globally. Many countries are in the third phase of vaccine testing. So far it has not failed at any stage or stage. The vaccine is expected to reach the public in the first months of next year. The vaccine is not just for the rich or the poor, the vaccine is for everyone, Mike added.

Ryan also warned that caution should be exercised in reopening schools until the social outbreak of Kovid-19 is brought under control.