All trains will be on GPS by December 2021!

To give a modern and digital look to the Indian Railways, the Railway Board has prepared a multi-pronged action plan. Passenger tickets will be checked through the QR Code along with tracking the train via satellite. From loco to tender and management work will be digital. All trains will be on GPS by December 2021.

Sharing the digitization of Indian Railways, Chairman of Railway Board Vinod Kumar Yadav said that all the operations and management including passenger services, transportation of goods, and freight are being digitized in Railways. Tracking of the train is being done through satellite. 2700 electric and 3800 diesel engines have been equipped with GPS. By December 2021, GPS will also be installed in the remaining six thousand engines. In this, the help of two ISRO satellites is being taken.

Window tickets will continue to be available
Along with online tickets, printed paper tickets from the window will also be equipped with QR code. On taking such tickets, an SMS will be sent to the mobile, which will have a link that will be clicked on the QR code. Through this ticket can be checked to TTE. This will be helpful in the Corona period. This will promote contactless checking. 

In the Corona era, 85 percent of tickets have been taken online. Despite this, Yadav said that the ticket will continue to be available from the window. The railway crew is also using the mobile app. All the assets of the railway can be monitored by sitting in the office through geo-mapping. Rail parcel management will be rolled out on the electronic platform by the end of this year.