For the benefit of public, temples turn pandemic-care centres in India

Several temples in India are opening up their precincts to help the covid-affected get the best of treatment. Beds have been rolled in, oxygen cylinders have been ordered and a pipeline for supply has been welded along the circumference on the premises.

Pawan Dham, translated as holy space, is a religious temple trust in Mumbai where Jains throng to pray and meditate. On Thursday, it will open its doors to everyone Covid positive, irrespective of religion. The centre is replete with its team of medical professionals, doctors, nurses and ward boys and will admit those who need non-ICU hospitalisation. Out of the 100, 50 beds are equipped with an oxygen concentrator unit, oximeters, pulse metre, portable BP apparatus, monitor machine among others. One of the most famous temples in the country, Puri Jagannath too has offered its services. It has converted its Nilachal Bhakta Nivas into a Covid-19 Care Centre. It has 120 beds. The temple has aso pledged Rs 1.50 crore towards the CM’s fund.

Citizens and help groups join hands with the government to fight this war against Corona yet again with whatever they can do, it is in this way that temples are giving their best to help citizens in the country to help take on the virus.