Former Congress national spokesperson Gourav Vallabh joined the BJP

New Delhi: Defection of leaders is another setback for Congress. Cannot act against Sanatanadharma.
Rimun Congress spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh and former Bihar Congress President Anil Sharma also joined the BJP. Both of them accepted the membership at the BJP headquarters in Delhi.

Anil Sharma resigned from the Congress on March 31. Gaurav Vallabh resigned from the party this morning saying that he cannot raise slogans against Sanatana Dharma. Anil Sharma is the fourth Congress president to leave the Congress party in a decade.

One cannot support anti-Sanatana slogans or criticize those who create the nation’s wealth on a daily basis. Therefore, I am resigning from all positions and primary membership of the Congress party,”said Gaurav Vallabh. The letter sent to Mallikarjun Kharge after submitting his resignation says that the party is moving ahead without any sense of purpose. Gaurav resigned this morning expressing opposition to the party’s stance on issues including the caste census. According to reports, Gaurav Vallabh has expressed his opposition to the stance taken by the party.