Govt sets new rules for OTT Platforms, Social Media, Messaging Services

The Centre has finalised new rules for digital content, social media companies and OTT platforms. Some of the new changes include strict oversight mechanism involving several ministries. Further, these platforms will be banned from telecasting content that affects “the sovereignty and integrity of India” and that which threatens national security.

Some of the new rules include social media intermediaries have to appoint a grievance officer, who shall register complaints in 24 hrs. Social media platforms must have provision for voluntary verification of users. Social media platforms on being asked by court or govt will be required to disclose the first originator of the mischief info. Grievance redressal official must be resident in India; monthly compliance reports have to be filed by social media platforms. Content involving nudity, morphed pictures of women have to be removed in 24 hrs. After coming up with a universal self-regulation code last year, the IAMAI brought out an implementation toolkit earlier this month to help the streaming platforms put into practice the Universal Self-Regulation Code signed by 17 OTT players.

The toolkit also addressed certain issues flagged by the government, such as lack of independent third-party monitoring and clarity on what comprises prohibited content.