Health department extensive checks in hotels , seizes stale food, locks 10 hotels

after the death of a woman after eating food from hotel, the health department conducted extensive checks in hotels in Thrissur. The corporation health department went in four teams from six to ten in the morning and seized stale food during the inspection of hotels in the city.

The health department has doubts that the mayonnaise used along with the cumin was the cause of the accident. The primary conclusion is that mayonnaise with egg is made here. In January 2023, the health department banned egg-based mayonnaise.

The inspection conducted by the Municipal Health Department found inedible chicken, beef, biryani, spoiled egg, porota and chapati pickles in hotels namely Royal, Park, Cook Door, Churti and Vigneshwara. Mayor M.K Varghese said that the inspection of the health department will continue in the coming days.