India has emerged as the most attractive global market for clean energy: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that India has emerged as the most attractive global market in the field of clean energy. Inaugurating a 750 MW solar power project in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, through video conference, Modi said, “This solar plant of Rewa will help to make this entire area a big energy hub in this decade.” He said that this solar plant of Rewa will provide electricity to the people of Madhya Pradesh and industries here.  Modi said that like Rewa, work is going on on big solar power plants in Shajapur, Neemuch, and Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh and I am sure that it will be completed soon. On Omkareshwar Dam, there is a solar plant floating in the water.


He said, ‘When all these projects are ready, Madhya Pradesh will definitely become a hub of cheap and clean electricity. The biggest benefit of this will be to the poor, middle-class families, farmers and tribals of Madhya Pradesh. Stating that Surya worship has a special place in the country’s culture, tradition and everyday life, Modi said, “It is the blessing of Suryadev that we have reached the top five countries in the world in terms of solar power producers.” 

He said, ‘Solar energy is going to be a major medium of energy needs not only today but in the 21st century because solar energy is safe, pure and reliable.’ Modi said, ‘Safe because other sources of energy can be lost, but the sun will always shine throughout the world. Pure because it helps to protect the environment rather than polluting it. And trustworthy because there are a huge symbol and motivation of self-sufficiency and also protects our energy needs. ‘ Modi said that when we talk of self-reliance and progress, the economy is an important aspect of it. Policymakers from all over the world have been in a dilemma for years to think about the economy or think of the environment. In this uncertainty, decisions are taken on one side and in the other. But India has shown that these two are not against each other, but are allies of each other.

He said that for India, the economy and environment are not two separate sides, but are complementary to each other. Environment and ‘Ease of Living’ are being given priority in every work of the government. For us, the protection of the environment is not limited to some projects, but it is ‘Way of Life’. Modi said that today Rewa has really created history. Rewa has been identified as mother Narmada and a white tiger. Now the name of Asia’s largest solar power project has also been added. For this, I congratulate the people of Madhya Pradesh and Rewa.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Project, one of the world’s largest solar projects, on Friday, July 10 at 11 am.