India has the highest number of Covid relief county in the world!

At present, there are 5,82,649 patients in hospitals in various states in India. This is the first time in three months that the number of active cases in the country has come down to less than 600,000. As of August 6, it was 5,95,000.COVID: fined up to Rs 10,000 for violating regulations

At present, there are 74,32,829 cases in the country. As of Friday and Saturday morning, 59,454 people had recovered from the disease. According to the Ministry of Health, India has the second-highest number of cases in the world but the highest number of cases. The difference between active patients and non-active patients was 68,50,180. According to the Department of Health, the cure rate is 91.34 percent. The number of cases in Delhi has risen for the fourth day in a row. The Central Health Department and the State Health Department met in this regard.

Eighty percent of the country’s covid disease cases are concentrated in ten states and union territories. Kerala currently has the highest number of daily outbreaks. The previous day’s number was 8,000. In Maharashtra and Karnataka, where Covid is most severely affected, there are 7,000 cases per day. A total of 48,648 people were infected in the country yesterday. Of this, 78 percent is concentrated in ten states and union territories. Kerala has the highest number of cases per day, at over 70.00. In Maharashtra and Delhi, the number of cases daily exceeds 5,000.Covid death toll crosses 1200 in Tamil Nadu

A total of 563 people in the country have died of acute illness in the past day. Of this, 81 percent is concentrated in ten states and union territories. Maharashtra had the highest death toll at 156. In Bengal, 61 people died. According to the World Health Organization, testing should be done at a rate of 140 per million. Thirty-five states and Union Territories in the country have conducted more inspections than this requirement. The national average is 844. In Delhi and Kerala, the number has crossed 3,000.