Indian Consulate in Canada Hits Back After Canadian Parliament Observes Silence Honoring Sikh Terrorist

The Indian Consulate in Canada has hit back at the Canadian Parliament’s silence in honor of the Sikh terrorist. The Indian Embassy in Canada has called for a memorial service in Canada for people killed by Sikh terrorists. In 1985, Air India’s Kanishka plane was shot down by Sikh extremists in Canada at an altitude of 37,000 feet.

In 1985, an Air India plane was bombed in the sky as part of a terrorist attack led by Bhindran Bala to split India and create a country called Khalistan. On June 23, 2024, an Air India flight was shot down by Sikh terrorists, killing all 329 innocent passengers and crew. Even the remains of the passengers could not be recovered from the plane which flew at an altitude of 37000 feet. Such a terrible attack was carried out by Sikh terrorists in Canada. Moreover, it was the worst terror-related airstrike in the history of global civil aviation.

Now, in response to Canada’s love for Khalistan, the Indian Embassy in Canada is asking for an account of the plane being destroyed by the same terrorists in 1985. A Khalistan terrorist who was roaming around India was shot dead in Canada. Then India’s response is against Canadian Parliament’s silence in memory of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. India is also organizing a commemoration of the 329 air passengers killed by Khalistan terrorists in 1985, while Canada’s Parliament is poised to praise the terrorist against India. It is also noteworthy that everything is happening on Canadian soil. June 23, 2024 is the 39th anniversary of Air India Flight 182 (Kanishka) killing 329 innocent people. The Indian Consulate in Canada is commemorating the 39th anniversary of the deaths, including 86 children. All people are asked to gather at Sepperley Playground in Stanley Park at 7.30pm on 23rd June to remember the dead and protest the worst terrorist attack in the history of civil aviation. A memorial service has been scheduled at the Air India Memorial here.

Members of the Indian diaspora are encouraged to participate in the event to show solidarity against terrorism.

An Air India flight traveling from Montreal to London was blown up 31,000 feet above the ground when a bomb planted by Canadian Sikh terrorists exploded. Among the 329 passengers killed in the incident were 268 Canadian nationals, 27 British nationals and 24 Indian nationals. The bombing was one of the deadliest acts of aviation terrorism. It was the Sikh beggars in Canada who shot down the plane that day. Canada is currently the world’s largest refugee center for Khalistanis. Canada accepted citizenship and passports for those who had committed terrorism from India and came to Canada as refugees. In addition, the Canadian Parliament observed a moment of silence in memory of Nijjar, who was shot dead outside a gurdwara in British Columbia last year, which angered India again. The Canadian administration led by Justin Trudeau accused Indian government agents of involvement in the murder. New Delhi rubbished the allegations, calling them motivated and absurd. Bilateral relations have since been severed. Nijjar’s murder was investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and four Indian nationals were arrested.

But Canada is yet to prove the role of Indian agencies in the killing of the Khalistan terrorist. In the video released by the news agency IANS, it can be seen that the members of the Canadian Parliament are keeping silent in the House of Commons. Speaker Greg Fergus begins the memorial: “Following discussions between representatives of all parties in the House, I understand there has been an agreement to observe a moment of silence in memory of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who was killed in Surrey, British Columbia a year ago.

In any case, the same Indians are now organizing against Canada and the Khalistani in Canada. The Indian consulate has also been challenged by the Khalistanis by putting it on Canadian soil