Indian Navy Warship INS Kora Fires Anti-Ship Missile At Maximum Range with precise accuracy

INS Kora

Anti-Ship missile (AShM) fired by Indian Navy’s Guided Missile Corvette INS Kora hit its target at max range with precise accuracy in the Bay of Bengal. Target ship severely damaged and in flames. The missile launched somewhere from the Arabian Sea homed in on its target – an old ship – and hit it with deadly accuracy at its maximum range. INS Kora, the vessel which fired the missile, is a Kora-class guided missile corvette of the Indian Navy. It was commissioned into service in 1998. The warship, designed in-house by the Navy under Project 25A, has a displacement of 1,350 tonnes. It is equipped with Kh-35 anti-ship missiles. Apart from INS Kora, the Indian Navy has three more warships of this class — INS Kirch, INS Kulish and INS Karmuk. In 2012, Mauritius ordered two warships based on the Kora-class from the Garden Reach Shipbuilders.