Irrfan Pathan’s makeup artist dies after drowning in swimming pool

Former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan’s make-up artist drowned in swimming pool. Make-up artist Fayaz Ansari, who came to the West Indies for the T20 World Cup with Pathan, drowned. Hailing from Nagina, Bijnor, Fayaz has been working as Pathan’s makeup artist for a long time.

Ansari, a native of Nagina, Binjore, was on a trip to the Caribbean islands with Pathan, who was on the commentary panel of the T20 World Cup. Ansari’s relative Mohammad Ahmed confirmed the incident on June 21 last day. It is reported that he drowned while spending time in the hotel pool.

The young man’s sudden death within two months of his marriage shook his family and friends. Irfan is taking steps to bring the dead body to India. Relatives expect the body to return home within three days. Pathan, who was a regular customer at Ansari’s salon in Mumbai, had a close relationship with the young man. Ansari has been traveling as a personal make-up artist for over 15 years.